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Hey, I’m Joan Mclean, I’m a southern girl,worked in the medical profession 40 yrs. My husband of 41yrs.,is Rick Mclean. This is our story of how we initially became involved with essential oils. Our son Jeremiah has suffered from allergies all of his life.  We are from Louisiana and he lived in Alabama,when he would come home for a visit,he had to pre medicate himself with allergy meds. In December of 2012 he and his family came for a visit. His wife Monique had Young Living Essential Oils that she was gonna use on him to help overcome his allergeries,she also had a diffuser and our house smelled so good with that diffuser. Well the lavender oil really helped with the allergies, it was a miracle!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     In February 2013 I bought a kit and became a Young Living Distributor. Our family’s journey into Essential Oils has changed the way we approach everything. Look anything that works that fast with no side effects we wanted to try it. Rick has had stomach issues for years, he got relief using peppermint and digize. Oh happy day! During this time employee decrease and production increase at my employment was draining me, I found that YL motivation oil behind my ears gave me endurance to work sometimes thirteen hr. days and take call. This was a blessing from the Lord to me, I lived to tell about it! Also a DR. that I worked  with had a 19yr.old son with ulcerative colitis. She had taken him to many DR.s and given him much medication and juiced for him, with no relief.  She gave him YL Ningxia Red to drink and shortly after he told her that the Ningxia Red had cured him and he loved that stuff.  Not long ago on an overnight flight from Hawaii, the plane was full and people were trying to sleep. A baby began cry uncontrollably,he was brought to the back of the plane. He cried for hrs., people were getting anxious and couldn’t sleep. I was praying the baby would stop when all of a sudden the idea came to me to go and put lavender oil on him. I went to the back where the stewardesses and the mother and baby were. I spoke with the mother, the baby maybe a yr.old, a twin had been sick ,runny nose, couldn’t rest, everyone was in distress. I asked permission to put lavender oil on and I let the mother smell it, I told her it was not medicine. The minute I opened the bottle the stewardess says what’s that smell, it smells so good, I love it. I then rubbed lavender on the baby’s feet and snotty nose and went back to my seat. Within 3 minutes the baby stopped crying, the mother went back to her seat and the baby went to sleep.Oh my goodness there  was a collective sigh of relief on the plane!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I was taught by my mother that we could use healthy natural things with no harmful side effects to treat ourselves to restore and maintain our health. I liked the fact that oils are natural and that God created the plants that the oils are extracted from. These oils worked. As a medical professional I helped diagnose and bring healing to people, and to educate them..So my journey continues, to empower others to find freedom and healing as we have from physical and emotional issues,poverty and failure. Freedom to live as God created us to. So, you ask how can I have access to these amazing oils at wholesale prices?  Glad you asked follow the directions above by clicking on Become a Member. Please know that becoming a member is nothing to be afraid of.  You do not have to purchase a certain amount each month nor do you have to promote YL. You can simply take advantage of having access to oils at wholesale member prices. Such a good deal.

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